The New Popularity of Streaming Rugby Online

Streaming sport online is a modern phenomenon and has undergone many changes since its introduction in the 1990s. Rugby is part of this major change in sports viewing and offers benefits and challenges to the game and spectator. Spectators can enjoy local games and see their favorite players online while they can still enjoy live rugby at their local club or stadium. It has never been so easy to watch rugby, as streaming continues to undergo changes.

How did Streaming Come About?

Watching rugby was once a traditional and familiar affair. Some players would get on the field and battle it out while spectators and fans would watch from the stadium or the side of the field. That was until television was introduced to give viewers more choice over their rugby viewing. Television was astonishing for many rugby fans. Viewers could flick a switch on the television to see their favorite team play. Suddenly there was no need to use the radio or wait for the newspaper to get information about a team’s performance.

The concept of streaming videos on the internet has been around for many years. The earliest live video streaming happened in the mid-1990s but was still a novelty for large sporting events. Streaming video has increased in popularity recently because of better technology. In 2018, watching rugby continues to be new and exciting.

The Benefits of Modern Streaming for the Game of Rugby

Live streaming is cheap, highly accessible and meets the needs of everyone. Rugby is now accessible to millions of people all over the world from the comfort of their own home or off their phones and tablets. This has obvious implications for the game of rugby and an incredible opportunity is available to promote the game to new audiences. However, the popularity of online streaming means that more sports will be looking for a bite of the cherry and wanting to expand their market. Live-streaming is now a key marketing and communication tool that assists many sports to reach their online audience. it is relatively inexpensive and requires little investment as there are many cheap applications available. The only disadvantage of live streaming is the need for an internet connecting that is consistent.

The Benefits for Rugby Fans

Rugby and many sports throughout the world are part of a revolution in virtual entertainment that has been ongoing for many years. There is no need to drive your car or buy tickets. Rugby can now be watched while a viewer are on the bus or taking a break from work. It is possible to lie in bed and watch a game or even sneak a peek at a game while out at a function.

The Big Question for Rugby Lovers and the Reality

The biggest question that most people pose relates to a decrease in crowd numbers at sporting games because of live streaming. However, It must be remembered that streaming is usually reserved for some of the bigger clubs shown on larger websites because of technical, legal and the needs for advertising to pay for itself. A large number of viewers are required to ensure that profiting from advertising makes streaming worthwhile. Streaming also requires a large amount of bandwidth so it is inaccessible for many people.

The Importance of Scale

Rugby streaming is predominantly for the bigger websites and smaller websites need to think seriously about their audience and profitability. Some of the big players include Fox. It has been on the cutting edge of streaming sport for many years. Some of the year’s biggest rugby games can be viewed on the website. Other websites are starting to expand into streaming rather than relying on video to communicate game information. For example, Sporting News use videos to communicate and in the near future it is possible that some of the news websites will expand into streaming.

The future of Live Streaming

The future of live streaming depends on the accessibility of the internet and improvements in bandwidth that is cost effective. This will allow better access to the internet and streaming over time. Technology, privacy and legal concerns about technology as well as ethical concerns means that live streaming of sports can be a challenge. However, sports also represent an opportunity to tap into a fervent audience and a growing market.

There is still a number of technological, legal and economic barriers to allowing accessibility to a bigger audience of rugby viewers. Some rugby fans may also argue that rugby as a spectator sport on the ground is threatened because people may prefer staying at home. However, the reality is that the streaming of rugby is still reserved for larger clubs and competitions. Smaller clubs will see little change but will have more opportunities to watch some of their other favorite sporting teams online.