Five Facts About the New Zealand Rugby Team

The world’s biggest rugby team is known for always making a statement in most of its games. Any rugby fan should watch a match where the All Blacks are playing to get the ultimate thrill. You will attest that rugby in New Zealand is on another level. Here are five facts that will leave you in awe about the New Zealand All Blacks.

1. Playing Italy is Always Fun

There has never been in a time in history that the New Zealand All Blacks have lost to Italy. This makes playing against the team, almost like teasing a younger sibling. In the 12 games between these two teams, New Zealand has scored 568 points, with Italy only scoring 97.

2. Scoring Tries Isn’t as Easy When Playing South Africa

The Springboks always finds a way to shut out the All Blacks. The New Zealanders have only had 20 tries against South Africa, which is significantly low in their record, especially when this is compared to 117 tries against England.

3. The Great Discipline

Based on the number of yellow or red cards, the All Blacks team has received many fans will agree that rugby in New Zealand is played with a lot of discipline. Only two All Black members have seen a red card. These are Cyril Brownlie, 1925, and Colin Meads, 1967. Though 47 have seen yellow cards, it looks like the warning always sits right to avoid a red.

4. A Bad Start but a Great Finish

You can simply never relax when playing against the New Zealand team. Whenever the team loses at half time, they will likely win or at least draw. In the 172 games, they have lost at half-time, 81 of them finished with a win and ten with a draw.

5. Too Few Cup Wins

So far, only 162 players have won one cup for the country. This is quite low compared to 343 for England players.