Q&A With NRC Professional (Western Sydney Rams Player) – Vaitoa Senio Toleafoa

Here is your exclusive access to behind the scenes of Western Sydney Rams. We sat down with Vaitoa Senio Toleafoa, NRC Professional (Western Sydney Rams Player) for a quick question and answer!

  1. Give us a brief history of your playing career.
    I played a bit of u20s for Samoa and Australia in 2012 to 2013. Then I was with the Rams in 2014 but didn’t make an appearance. In 2015 I played for the Sydney stars and now I’m back with the Rams for the 2016 season.
  2. You got a quick call up into the Waratahs environment when you got to Sydney.
    You must have felt happy with your decision.
    Yes, I was very grateful to have been given an opportunity to join the Tahs setup. Things weren’t looking too bright for me around this time last year in terms of where footy was taking me. So to have been given a call to join the Tahs meant so much to my family and myself.
  3. Which of the opposition teams do you want to beat the most? Why?
    Obviously our team isn’t blessed with a large number of super rugby players like the other NRC teams do, however I see this as an awesome opportunity for us to step up and show Australians what the Rams can do.To get a win over the Eagles and the Rays would give us a lot of confidence to move forward because it means that the Rams, a team full of “club players”, can compete with the best New South Wales has to offer.I love that challenge and I look forward to facing up against these fierce rivals.
  4. Which of your teammates should supporters look out for?
    I’d definitely label our number 8 – Tyron Viiga, as a player to keep an eye on. He is a very aggressive player who leads from the front in terms of physicality and ball carries.

Q&A With NRC Tournament Director – Milo Arona

Here is your exclusive access to behind the scenes of Western Sydney Rams. We sat down with Milo Arona (NRC Tournament Director) for a quick question and answer!


  1. How are you enjoying being back at the Rams?
    Administratively, it’s been hard work, so I’m not enjoying that side of Rams too much. I’m loving the rugby atmosphere at Team Rams. Working alongside committed, dedicated and loyal rugby heads for the West is very exciting. I enjoy meeting new people and reconnecting with others. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been privileged to meet and work with three out of the four General Managers of our feeder clubs to Rams: Penrith, West Harbour and Parramatta. I Unfortunately missed Southern Districts (SD) – apologies SD, Amanda Badet, Geoff Threlefo and Michael Bell. I value your support and contributions towards our “ONE FAMILY” 2016 Team Rams – Thank you.
  2. What can supporters look forward to on game day?
    I’m aiming for a great game day experience for everyone. From the infants, to seniors, we’re all leaving the park saying, “I’m coming back”. This year we’ve aligned closely with ARU and they have a couple of great game day activations that we’ll also implement at our three home games. There are four man jersey and free picnic rugs to giveaway. In addition, Rams have also aligned with four of our Pacific Nations, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and New Zealand Maori, showcasing their talented pool of players abroad and in New South Wales. We’ll also have fun activities for the kids and live local entertainers from the west.
    Watch this space, we may have a special late addition for our first home game on September 10 – it will be an “Extravagant Rugby Festivity”.
  3. The last round is Pacific Islander round. What a great way to celebrate rugby in the west!
    It’s going to be epic! One of a kind. Australian statistics say Western Sydney has the largest pacific population in Australia and what better way to celebrate rugby with four pacific nations that see Rugby as their Nations Sport. All in support by ARU and Western Sydney Rams. There will be food stalls, live entertainment and tribal wars (Haka’s) in action from each of the four Nations. Definitely a great way to celebrate Rugby in the west!
  4. If I want to be a volunteer worker at the games, how can I apply?
    We welcome volunteers with open arms. Leave your name and contact details on Western Sydney Rams Facebook page or email me on maherauarona@ramsrugby.com.au

  5. How do I get tickets for games?
    Game day entry is $20. With free entry for all children under 16 or at High School (must show school ID) and seniors with concession cards.
    $10 pre-purchase tickets will be available from 22nd August through all participating Teams and feeder clubs – Parramatta, West Harbour, Southern Districts and Penrith.
    Or Email tickets@ramsrugby.com.au – leave your name and contact details.