Rugby brings the BEST TO THE GREATER WEST.

Our Players have been hand-picked to provide some action packed rugby for fans this Autumn. “Rugby is a game no matter how brilliant the individual that must be played as a team” Neville Shooter, Foundation RAMS Board Member.

RAMping up rugby in Your backyard is our motto.  We want to celebrate the joy of Rugby with family, friends and the community.  Our shared opportunity is to create a festival like event for Rugby each year between August and November in the west.


This kid has some talent. ...

Wow, some great skills and strength on display here. ...

Rugby Positional Specific Strength. Tag Your Teammates It's not all about the big lifts. It's one thing getting your athletes strong, but how do you teach them to use that strength effectively? Visit us if you want to reach your athletic potential, whatever your discipline. Like World Rugby For More Videos